Workshop/Tutorial Schedule

Workshop and Tutorial Schedule for both May 31, 2021 and June 4, 2021

Workshops and Tutorials on May 31, 2021

Sub # Primary Organizer Workshop/Tutorial Title Full-/ Half-Day Workshop/Tutorial Website Time Zone Starting Time
2927 Xuesu Xiao Machine Learning for Motion Planning A.Full-day B.America 09:00 (GMT-04)
2938 Madhur Behl Opportunities and Challenges with Autonomous Racing A.Full-day B.America 09:00 (GMT-04)
2940 Erickson Zackory Learning for Caregiving Robots A.Full-day B.America 09:00 (GMT-04)
2942 Kramer Andrew Robust Perception For Autonomous Field Robots in Challenging Environments A.Full-day B.America 09:00 (GMT-04)
2944 Huang Guoquan Visual-Inertial Navigation Systems A.Full-day B.America 09:00 (GMT-04)
2920 Ollero Anibal Resilient and Long-Term Autonomy for Aerial Robotic Systems A.Full-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2923 Lippi Martina Representing and Manipulating Deformable Objects A.Full-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2928 Mghames Sariah Task-Informed Grasping: Agri-Food manipulation (TIG-III) A.Full-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2939 Yasemin Bekiroglu Bridging the Gap between Data-driven and Analytical Physics-based Grasping and Manipulation II A.Full-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2950 Fabio Bonsignorio Steps Towards Widespread Reproducibility of Research and Objective Performance Evaluation of Intelligent Robotic Systems A.Full-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2954 Palmieri Luigi 3rd Workshop on Long-term Human Motion Prediction A.Full-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2955 Lalitharatne Thilina Dulantha Robot-Assisted Systems for Medical Training A.Full-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2956 Darvish Kourosh Teleoperation of Dynamic Legged Robots in Real Scenarios A.Full-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2957 Khadiv Majid Recent advances in MPC and RL for legged robots A.Full-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2959 Asfour Tamim Semantic Representations for Robotics through Continuous Interaction and Incremental Learning A.Full-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2930 Virginia Ruiz Garate Emerging paradigms for robotic manipulation: from the lab to the productive world. Second edition B.Half-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2934 Simon Watson Digital Twins for Rapid Design, Development and Deployment of Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) Robots in Industrial Applications B.Half-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2945 Wang Sen Radar Perception for All-Weather Autonomy B.Half-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2966 Censi Andrea Game-theoretical Motion Planning B.Half-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2969 Censi Andrea Compositional Robotics: Mathematics and Tools A.Full-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2933 Gams Andrej Robot Learning in Real-world Applications: Beyond Proof of Concept B.Half-day A.Asia & Oceania 09:00 (GMT+08)

Workshops and Tutorials on June 4, 2021

Sub # Primary Organizer Workshop/Tutorial Title Full-/Half-Day Workshop/Tutorial Website Time Zone Starting Time
2982 Puig Xavier Social Intelligence in Humans and Robots A.Full-day B.America 09:00 (GMT-04)
2931 Loquercio Antonio First International Workshop on Perception and Action in Highly-Dynamic Environments A.Full-day B.America 09:00 (GMT-04)
2964 Dhiman Vikas Safe Robot Control with Learned Motion and Environment Models A.Full-day B.America 09:00 (GMT-04)
2967 Davchev, Todor Learning to Learn for Robotics Full-day B.America 09:00 (GMT-04)
2968 Walas Krzysztof 5th Full-Day Workshop on: Towards Real-World Deployment of Legged Robots A.Full-day B.America 09:00 (GMT-04)
2972 Mayya Siddharth Robot Swarms in the Real World: From Design to Deployment A.Full-day B.America 09:00 (GMT-04)
2973 Ben Amor Heni Towards Curious Robots: Modern Approaches for Intrinsically-Motivated Intelligent Behavior A.Full-day B.America 09:00 (GMT-04)
2978 Quattrini Li, Alberto 1st Advanced Marine Robotics TC Workshop: Active Perception Full-day B.America 09:00 (GMT-04)
2981 Farshid Alambeigi Holistic Integration of Design, Sensing, and Intelligence in Dexterous Medical Robotic Systems A.Full-day B.America 09:00 (GMT-04)
2987 Voyles Richard No-Touch Care for Worker Safety During Pandemic Response A.Full-day B.America 09:00 (GMT-04)
2971 Fernández Fisac Jaime Debates on the Future of Robotics Research B.Half-day B.America 09:00 (GMT-04)
2970 Mahdi Tavakoli Impact of COVID-19 on Medical Robotics and Wearables Research: Learning from the Past and Strategizing for the Future A.Full-day B.America 09:00 (GMT-04)
2961 Luo Shan ViTac 2021: Trends and Challenges in Visuo-Tactile Perception A.Full-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2962 Dimeas Fotios Unlocking the potential of human-robot collaboration for industrial applications A.Full-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2963 Maurice Pauline 3rd Workshop on Integrating Multidisciplinary Approaches to Advance Physical Human-Robot Interaction: Physical Assistance for Occupational Applications A.Full-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2976 Hauert Sabine Micro-nano swarm robotics A.Full-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2977 Caroline Yan Zheng Sentimental Machines A.Full-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2980 Andrea Censi AI Driving Olympics A.Full-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
372 Briot Sébastien Parallel robots or not parallel robots? New frontiers of parallel robotics A.Full-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
30-40 Saeedi Sajad On- and Near-sensor Vision Processing, from Photons to Applications (ONSVP) A.Full-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2983 Jim Torresen Ethical Considerations in Robotics and Automation B.Half-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2946 Dario Paolo Dinosaurs vs. Unicorns at the time of Covid-19 pandemic. How Robots may save business dinosaurs from extinction by turning them start-ups again. A.Full-day C.Europe 09:00 (GMT+00)
2984 WANG Yuquan High Dynamic Motion Generation for Under-Actuated Robots A.Full-day A.Asia & Oceania 09:00 (GMT+08)